Captured in a crystal sphere…


Captured in a crystal sphere,
Across the stars we swiftly flew,
And stardust — innocently clear —
Had all the shades of blissful-blue.

There was no future and no past,
As timelessness let us unite,
And supernovas’ blinding blasts
Compelled your hand to hold mine tight.

Then someone’s long and lonely sigh
Caused our crystal realm to shatter,
We could’ve kissed — instead you cried,
But kissing would’ve been much better.

And back on Earth we both forgot
What made our eyes congeal and glisten.
Alas, in dreams [we meet a lot]
We merely talk and never listen.

And though tonight we dance apart,
In murk your face alone flashes,
I tend to spot it from afar
By stardust left upon your lashes.

My translation/adaptation of V. Nabokov’s poem of the same name





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