Giordano Bruno

“An ark commanded by a donkey —
That’s our world of human beings;
Deceptions, lies and evil things;
A planet of submissive monkeys.

O Mother Earth, you’re close to me.
Yet far away. I love the joy of living;
Тhrough many lives my joy has been
A self-destructive grieving.”

And so this wanderer grabs his cane;
His voice is known across the kingdom,
His alien soul is living in…
Is breathing in the air of freedom.

“You’re all just slaves praying to Beast!
I’ll smash the throne of rotten faith!
I’ll light your way through eerie mist
And guide you out of what you hate!

Neither this life, nor the abyss
Consists of any kind of limits,
We’ll stop the Ptolemaeus’ Sun,
Life is the sum of dusty minutes.”

And then he aimed for more. For the scarlet sky.
Destruction’s all about formation;
And while destroying, he’d violently cry
For harmony; for God; and for creation.

His eyes are shining. Audacious dreams
Lead to the world of revelations.
It’s verity where beauty lives,
It’s vanity — for satisfactions.

“Hey, little girl, angelic eyes,
Playing that old and ringing lute!
I could’ve been your father, but
I am dissolved in solitude.

I’ve kept my flag of love so high,
But life is home to other joys,
I freeze my yearning heart tonight;
Sophia is my only choice!”

So he’s a wanderer. Again
He looks above with glimmer
In his eyes. His enemies are fools to claim
That he’s a hopeless dreamer.

“This planet’s blue. It’s an abyss. Its atoms
Are filled with God and glory.
We live as one. We die together
In cosmic, never-ending story.

You, blue-eyed girl, playing the lute,
The dreams reflected in your sight
Are joys of life hanging askew
From constellations of the night!”

And now this brilliant, anxious man
With no regrets behind his eyes
Awaits his burning at the stake
To live forever in these lines.

“I die, because I want to die!
My ashes scattered by your hand;
My mind released by cruel fire
Will find its new flesh in the end.”




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