Hello, Nostalgia! Hold me tight…
Nothing to rhyme — my words are dead,
Another rubbish, wasted night
Is almost over. In my bed
The moans of pleasure she has left,
They now echo, and their heft
Is more than shoulders tend to bare.
She could be mute — she didn’t care.
So I am forced to recollect
Each second spent in sheer joy
Beside her lap; I was her toy
So proudly lacking self-respect.
…Erase my past with someone new,
Oh Universe, I’m begging you…

Hello, Stagnation! Have a seat…
Please let me take a hopeless breath
Before you strangle me to death.
My rusty heart won’t ever cheat,
For I belong to boundless shades
Of memories which never fade,
And why do I bewail my luck
Of being crucified, heart-broken?
Love seems to hardly give a fuck
If ‘those three words’ remain unspoken —
What else are words, but mere sounds
Of apes, discovering awareness?
A chunk of life beneath the ground:
Atrocious train rides, fucking aimless…

Hello, Starlight, my old friend!
I know, you twinkle for a reason
Upon my elongated head.
My body is an aging prison,
My mind is leaking off my ears —
This was a metaphor. The fear
Of seeing someone else within
The thickened smoke of nicotine
Has always been my protege,
“I’m gonna quit,” I said today;
I say this every yesterday
Upon the roof in Sheepshead Bay.
…I utter lots of pointless words,
Why don’t you fit’em in your chords?




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