Quatrains of the Amnesiac


…A sea is laughing in your eyes.
As waves hit rocks – they splash and roar.
Can we, my sunshine, compromise,
When tears lick this stormy shore?

…She got a letter: “I no longer exist.”
Her eyes are red as a sunset in July.
A silver evening. A lonesome mist.
Dead soldiers’ brides are left to cry.

…The fooled husband joyfully sighs,
Her nude body makes him obsessed,
He’s not aware wife’s feelings lie,
Only I’ve seen her soul undressed.

…Your shoulders embodied delicacy
With their unearthly perfection,
Your wrists revealed the ancient prophecy
Of Aphrodite’s resurrection.

beautiful mist wallpaper hd 2 Freetopwallpaper.com


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