Simona, nothing else matters…
Your beauty resembles a faraway star.
My words are like weightless thunderbird feathers,
They follow your grace wherever you are.

Simona, my secret disaster…
My heart’s beating faster whenever your eyes —
A pair of mysterious emerald asters —
Break through my essence like sunlight through ice.

Simona, forever be happy…
If I ever happen to visit your mind —
Then I will be raindrops, eagerly rapping
The half-open window you’re napping behind.

Simona, October is ending;
The winter is pending; the nighttime is long,
Sister Insomnia’s graciously granting
Me animate phrases to wrap up this song.

Simona, always remember,
Whatever will happen has happened before:
Another November; a better December;
That heavenly pleasure of being adored.

Simona, here’s the conclusion:
I seriously doubt you’ll ever be mine.
You’re Goddess of Highlands, perhaps an illusion;
Born in Long Island; one-of-a-kind.



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