The circle of sense


“…And yet again…and yet again,”
She murmured, “How it all began,
It will, in fact, begin again,
It will, my mad and dear man;
Another Eve will eat the fruit,
Another you will wear this suit
You wear to indicate your charm,
Both — in the city, in the farm;
Another sun will kiss the seas,
A crueler wind will gust to freeze
Your vindications, your regrets.
The hordes of dirty subway rats,
Exploring catacombs at nights,
Will fight in vain for civil rights…
Behold the Shiva’s Cosmic Dance,
A demolition so intense,
That everyone you’ve ever known —
Are to become pure ocean foam,
My handsome, crazy, dear man,
And yet again, and yet again
You’ll spend your life to find ‘the one’,
Knock on her door, but she’ll be gone;
Run after her to catch the train,
Get stuck and blame the pouring rain,
And yet again it’s all in vain:
She’s indecisive, you are slow,
Just let her go, please, let her go…”




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