Remember me

Remember me as an adept of farce,
Cracking jokes only the dead would giggle at;
With my eyes fixed on the shimmering stars,
Telling you they were beacons, and

Remember me happy; remember me sad;
Remember me slouching over your head
And hugging your soul till it crackled;
Remember me, darling, all in red;
Failing to put out a cigarette;
Preferring Android to Apple.

Remember me in love…remember me lovesick;
Cursing what they did to rock-n-roll;
Remember me saying your favorite lipstick
Was the tastiest goody of them all.

…In ten years, out of the blue,
The paths may cross of me and you —
I’ll utter, “Hey there, sugar crust…”
Just grab me by my puzzled face
And kiss me in one thousand ways:
Help me




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